Technical services by qualified people to various industries for short and long-term assignments. Thanks to ...
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We build and install custom work in machine construction and mechanical construction for industry, whereby we strive for the right quality and reliability, taking into account ...
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We design, draw and calculate turn-key solutions from blueprint to installation.
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Our mission
By bundling technical specializations, we as a full-service company offer total concepts to the industry from design to implementation, for small or large projects.
Our vision
Collaborative, flexible and affordable working. Leading the way in competitors and delivering value and quality for the success of our customers.
Our values
You can find it not only in our words but also in our actions. A reliable team that is only satisfied when we go home with a good feeling.


" Excellent in quality and flexibility. Good competitive prices . "

Dirk Slegers, Maintenance Engineer
AGC Glass Europe.
" We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Maintenantz. The advantages you have over your colleagues: - emergency interventions, including weekends - flexible - helping / developing improvements - Maintenantz is always adapted to our needs. "

Rob Hoskens, Maintenance coordinator
Campine NV

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